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Some of the best meals I've ever had have been while traveling Australia on my numerous Motorcycle tours, be they escorting others or exploring new destinations on my own.

Some simple, some extravagant but most importantly, all the meals I review here contain quality fresh food prepared with care and skill.

Join me as I eat, ride, and review my way around Australia!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sitting about 260 KM from Port Hedland on the Great Northern Highway is a Roadhouse called Munjina. It is the gateway to Karjini Park, Tom Price or Newman.

Not much here other than the pervasive red dust, gas, food, and a room for the night before I head into Karjini Park then onto Tom Price and ultimately Exmouth before I start heading south again.

Not much works right at this roadhouse. Of the 6 Unleaded gas pumps only 1 is operating so there is a line of impatient travellers waiting their turn and each is under strict instruction not to move their car before the bill is paid.

I entered my room, turned on the lamp... boom! Out went the circuit breaker and all the power to 'my little piece of heaven' (a quote from 'The Castle') for the night.

Then it seems the cook has a problem with brining my meal to me because I was sitting at the table outside so I had to go in and get my $35 T-Bone and bring it out myself. My guess is the roadhouse cooks union prohibits from satisfying customers by walking an extra 6 steps.
HOWEVER. I'm surrounded by some of the most beautiful terrain on this trip so far. Rolling hills of multi coloured multi mineral rock formations for as far as the eye can see.

There are serious road trains out here carrying all manner if gigantic mining equipment, pipes, bull dozer's, houses (yes houses), cranes, and the rest. There is an active mine called Marandoo Mine about 100 KM's from here.

I'll know more once I've been through the Karjini Park tomorrow.