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Some of the best meals I've ever had have been while traveling Australia on my numerous Motorcycle tours, be they escorting others or exploring new destinations on my own.

Some simple, some extravagant but most importantly, all the meals I review here contain quality fresh food prepared with care and skill.

Join me as I eat, ride, and review my way around Australia!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is a town in decline or perhaps it was never prosperous. Its old and not really set up for tourism. Unlike Hopetoun about 50 KM south of here there is not much to see or do.

The road from Kondinin to here was particularly challenging in that it boring as can be. Most of the way the view of the surrounds was blocked by trees, scrub and brush on either side of the road. I noticed it was fenced on either side so perhaps the possibility of hitting a Roo was minimised. I did note that the tell-tales of wildlife along the road were not around... roo poo, road kill, or splotches of road kill past.
In comparison, Hopetoun is a thriving little tourist destination. There is whale watching, (June to October) views of and from (if you are a hiker) Table hill and East Mt Barren help make the place. The Southern Ocean beach Road (its dirt) take you through Jandacuttaup Lakes and nature reserve.

Wave Rock located about 4 KM from Hyden has its own little economy so i'd make cafe or amenities stops there rather than the town of Hyden. When you travel so much you get to know when a town embraces tourism and the vibe I got from the locals was they would take my money but were not particularly interested or friendly in exchange.

Wave rock however is very cool. It is about 100 metres of rock that has been worn by erosion from wind, water, and grit to form and curvature that resembles an ocean wave as it draws up just before breaking.

Hippo's Yawn is worth a look and ride on to King Lake Pub for a great lunch in a nice atmosphere. Lake King itself is a good place to get gas and push on.

I came across a couple of Harley riders in Munglinup who were heading to Albany for a few days and no sooner did they leave and up roars a Duc, Trumpet, and Harley with 3 miners atop heading to Kalgoorlie. We had a chat waited for the bus load of retirees to line up for their tea and scones then we were belted by monsoon like winds and rain! So I suited up again waited a little while in vain hope before riding the last 100k holding on to the bike bars so I wouldn't get blown off in the blast from the crosswinds.