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Monday, September 14, 2009

Peacock Digitals New Office in Nanga WA!

Ok, ok. I know I said Argyle lake was incredible, then I said Broome would be the place to have an office for the winter, then of course I was swayed by Exmouth and it's lovely little small town beach, then I was swept away by Denham and Monkey Mia but this is THE place for me.... Nanga.

It's a Motel and a Beach and that is it. I'm sitting on the beach as I write this checking out the Indian Ocean and the endless curvature of the earth and I AM THE ONLY PERSON HERE!

Other than the Motel Staff there is absolutely no one for many kilometres. Certainly there is no one on the beach for hundreds of KM in either direction!

If I could get them to put wireless Internet and an espresso machine here I could happily live my life out.

Nanga Beach is an interesting spot. It is about half way between Monkey Mia and Overlander (a roadhouse on the North West Coastal Highway). It is adjacent to a beach called Shell Beach aptly named because it is covered with tiny shells for 120 KM's that are in some places 10 metres deep!

The whole Shark Bay and is what's known as a World Heritage Area. It is an ecological sanctuary full of unique wild life. It is covered with 9 varieties of sea grass which in itself make it ecologically unique as most beach areas only have 2 at the most. This grass is the foundation of Shark Bay's marine ecosystem. The Bay and it's beaches are teeming with wild life.

The diverse sea grass, long shallow bay, dry climate and high evaporation rates have combined to make a an unusual phenomenon. This harbours waters are 1.5 times saltier than than the open ocean. Many of the local species have adapted to this and are genetically different than those living in other areas of the world.

Well its time to knock off for the day and have some dinner. Tomorrow I'm off to Geraldton and anticipating being in the Monastery in new Norcia having beer at the pub with the monks the following night.

Now that might be a bit of fun.


Anonymous said...

so are you ever coming back to bowral or are you going to stay in nanga?