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Some of the best meals I've ever had have been while traveling Australia on my numerous Motorcycle tours, be they escorting others or exploring new destinations on my own.

Some simple, some extravagant but most importantly, all the meals I review here contain quality fresh food prepared with care and skill.

Join me as I eat, ride, and review my way around Australia!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No camera problems here, no it's not a bug smudge on your riding glasses.... this lake is pink! This particular lake is located along the Coorong between SA and the border of VIC.

So, Why Is It Pink?

As it turns out it's because of a high concentration of a type of salt tolerant algae which produces carotene. The Algae is green but produces the carotene, to protect itself from the sun's rays, hence the pink appearance. the pink colouration intensifies as the lake dries out.  I've come across a number of these unique lakes in Esperance, northern SA, as well as here in the Coorong.

Salt Creek Roadhouse.

Now if you're passing through this region you must stop at Salt Creek Roadhouse... its a fisherman's haven as well as cafe and petrol stop. I've been passing through here for years now and Adam, the proprietor remembers me every time and he'll no doubt go out of his way to attend to you too. Tell Adam that guy from New York City on the black BMW motorcycle told you to stop by and say hello!  His kitchen boasts great local fish as well as other fantastic dishes.

Adam likes to take fishermen out on local camping expeditions sleeping on the beach enjoying cooked fish you caught that day and a glass or 2 of interesting wine or beer. The pic above is from Adams wall of photo's from some of his trips past. Looks like everyone was having fun, except perhaps the fish!

Salt Creek. Check it out in the Coorong. By the way... The Coorong starts around Meningie, SA and runs along the coast to Kingston SE in SA. you'll no doubt traverse it if you follow the coast between Melbourne and Adelaide.

Speaking of Kingston SE...

In case you too have been nagged by those big questions of life such as.... why are we here? Is there a God? Is there intelligent life in the universe, and is there a big lobster! Well I'm here to tell you that you can you can sleep just a little bit deeper tonight for sure... I've found THE BIG LOBSTER and it's located in Kingston SE just south of Robe SA. Actually of all the 'big things' in Australia this has to be the best. It's life like and larger than life as you can see below. Note to self: It's also for sale!

Photo above. That's Nick and Jill from Slow Food Australia standing under the lobster. Nick is the Australian Chairman of Slow Food International and Jill runs an interesting food tourism business in the Southern highlands by the name of Food Path Australia. They'll take you on whole farm natural food excursions to the producers of fresh food in the Southern Highlands and surrounds. Check it out. I had the pleasure of sharing part of my journey from the Barossa SA, to The Great Ocean Road.


Anonymous said...

Cool Lobster,looks like something out of B Horror movie

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see that thing on my plate with a giant tub of butter!