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Monday, August 31, 2009
Halls Creek.
The main street of what is now known as Halls Creek is also the Great Northern Highway. It stretches for about 1 KM end to end.
Actually this is new Halls Creek. The site of the Old Halls Creek is about 15 KM out of town on a red dirt road. Charley Hall found a large gold nugget hence the name and very short lived fame of Old Halls Creek.
This discovery prefaced a surge in population to about 15,000 people which ultimately lasted only a few months before the hot and rugged conditions in and around Halls Creek deterred all but the most determined miners in pursuit of similar finds.
With the present population of about 1400 the town and regions economy is a mix of pastoral and some tourism.
Halls Creek is the place to get flights into the Bungle Bungles but not hosted 4WD trips as I learned the hard way. Unless you are looking to rent a self drive 4WD (for which there is a waiting list of pre bookings) you need to catch these 4WD excursions at Warmun otherwise known as Turkey Creek about 200 KM back towards Kununurra!
As for Halls Creek flights... watch for passenger minimums on flights or of course you can book the whole plane for yourself....$ouch!
Either way if you are planning on renting, being driven, or flying book ahead as far as you can. As for names and numbers of the companies providing these services, well you'll just have to buy my book to find out! Go to to be included on the release date eMail list.
I stayed in the Best Western in town which is on the plus side of a 3 Star motel with a somewhat out of character glass, chrome, huge projector screen TV, and disco balled restaurant named after Russian Jack a local explorer/miner who played a significant part in the towns history. Seemed Jack being of tough Russian stock, carried his sick mate 300 KM's in a wheel Barrow to get him medical attention! As for me I'd have to think twice about giving a mate cab fare to get to a hospital, but then again there are no restaurants named after me or statues of me in a town centre!
Another regional attraction that Halls Creek plays 4WD gateway to is the Wolfe Creek Meteor Crater. First discovered in 1947 by cartographers doing a fly over it is said to be some 2 million years old and up to 950 metres in diameter making it the second largest crater world... bet you didn't know that!
The remarkable China Wall is also about 6 KM out of town. It is a 6 metre high wall of quartz protruding from the earth. You will of course have to taker a dip in the Caroline Pool nearby as long as you're there.
For more info on this and other interesting places go to and we'll let you know when the release date is nigh!


Anonymous said...

So when is this book available?

TouringSteve said...

should be ready for sale in November/December this year. Have to compile all the info from this trip and past trips, not to mention upload and edit the pics in my video cam and my DSLR and make it multi-lingual so the Pomms and Aussies can understand it too so that might take a bit of time.