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Some of the best meals I've ever had have been while traveling Australia on my numerous Motorcycle tours, be they escorting others or exploring new destinations on my own.

Some simple, some extravagant but most importantly, all the meals I review here contain quality fresh food prepared with care and skill.

Join me as I eat, ride, and review my way around Australia!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010
Do you like japanese food?

Well if you do try a favourite place called Asakura on King St in Newtown. It's on the North end of King not far past the Missendon Road intersection.

Newtown is a burb of Sydney full of unique shops's, pubs, bars (yes bars as in no food or accommo just wine beer and spirits), restaurants, cafes, all populated by the colourfull, the trendy, the suits (who must think you can buy character by investing in Real Estate) and the alternative lifers. By alternative I mean industrial strength women, lady boys, the third sex, every colour hair you could imagine, tatoos, things stuck through lips, cheeks, ears, tongues, nipples and who knows where else.

You will hear every language under the sun and be in the heart of 'University-ville' and all that means to an urban landscape.

The food in Asakura is always fresh as is the service which is provided by a squadron of Japanese wait staff who are always within a wave of the hand.

The seaweed salad is perfect as is the sushi and sashmi.

Bring your own wine as the selection in house is boring but well priced.

I would call ahead too as the place is always packed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well you would know if you'd been on one of's paddock to plate, producer tours! Jill Dyson and Nick Padol offer boutique tours of the more interesting producers in The Southern Highlands or Southern Tablelands here in Australia. I had the pleasure of being on one of their trips this past weekend.

Nick and Jill escorted us to our first stop... a raspberry farm operated by a couple of Sydney's corporate refugees who knew more about berry farming then I ever will! Dave and Nicki taught us how they grew, prepared, packaged and sold the various berry products they offer. Raspberry and Blackberry Jam, Rhubarb and Ginger, and my favorite... Raspberry and Vinegar dressing!

Next up was an interesting tour around an egg farm, population 4000 chickens and 5 Maremma dogs as minders. They all are free range layers (no roosters!) so the chickens roam freely around the farm then like clockwork, go to a coop at night to sleep and lay eggs. We toured the sorting and packing facility and learned how to make egg pasta as well.

We then met the best cheese makers in Australia! This is not only my own opinion, as they win medals and awards regularly for their cheeses. We learned, tasted and bought up big before leaving for our final destination to talk and graze at one of the local cafe's where we sampled more cheese and local munchies and met more cheese makers.

It was a great day as some of these photo's will testify. Go to FoodPathWebSite for more info or see Jill's Blog FoodPath Blog.

Ok, ok so by now some of you are wondering what kind of rider goes on 'boutique gourmet paddock to plate farm tours'? Well to save face here let me first say that I am old enough to remember when sex was safe and motorcycling dangerous!

Boy has our world ever changed!

Motorcycle travel, particularly long distance touring for me, as for many riders out there, has grown over the years from the pastime of the burly bourbon drinking hairy crowd to the realm of explorers, adventurers, endurance and cruisers. I for one have traveled extensively here and enjoy exploring and learning about the many sides of Australia as I do.

I've toured power plants, caves, helicoptered over gorges in the Red Centre, Sydney Harbour and the coast north and south of here. I've been opal mining, pig shooting, cow tipping, and even spent a few days droving! I've mused in almost every museum in Canberra, toured Old and New Parliament House, and marveled at the woodwork craftsmanship in Bungendore. Sailed from Sydney to Gold Coast, dived off Hamilton Island, went over the edge on the Vertical Railroad in the Blue Mountains and gotten drunk with a bloke named Mad Dog in a pub in Julia Creek, QLD. I've enjoyed live Jazz in Wangarratta and Country music at Tamworth and folk music in Gympie. I've skied, surfed, climbed, soaked my aching bones in natural bore baths, been totally alone on a beach with emerald colored ocean water on the west coast, and ran from Crocs trying to get into my boat!

I've chopped down trees, went 4 wheeling up the Dampier Peninsula, swam with dolphins in Monkey Mia, and fell out the back of a 1945 Land Rover that was almost vertical as it tried to climb a small mountain in Oberon! I've slept in 5 star hotels, pubs with bands playing right under my room, on picnic tables when it became too late and dark to risk 'Roo Time' in the outback, and graveyard front cottages with a barnyard full of animals between me and the toilet at 2am in the morning!

Among the most enjoyable of experiences has been tasting and savoring some world class food and wine available here when traveling. The quality of the food and the skills of those preparing have put Australia on the epicurean map of must explore places... you will be surprised at what you find and where you find it.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Almost every trip to, or through Tumbarumba, I hear syncopated rhythms inside my helmet... 'tum um bar-umba, tum um barrrr-umba'  kinda makes you want to stop, get off and do the Samba... however I tend to get too many strange looks to make a habit of it! I'll save myself for 'So You Think You Can Dance!

Note to self: load new music in my Nokia one of these days!

Well in Tumbarumba you're in logging country and on the verge of 'The Man From Snowy River' stomping grounds. It's a great place to layover on your way in, or out of the Snowy Mountains. Today I'm meeting Peter and Thao of fame to ride the road from Tumut along the Snowy Mountains Highway to Cooma then up and over Brown Mountain to the coast for a meal in Merimbula, NSW before heading north to follow where our collective noses bring us.

If you've been following my various blogs you will recall that Peter Sever (AKA WheezyRider) contacted me while riding through Nam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand looking for info on what to do and see in Australia as their arrival was looming. Their ETA at the time was January, so my advice was 'upon arriving in Darwin get a motel room, lock the door turn the air conditioner on and sleep til April'! Unfortunately for them they were getting down to the last leg of their 2 year, 80,000 KM, 40 Country trip and had to make up some time. I gave Peter a blow by blow itinerary of what in essence, was an early draft of my soon to be released 'Two Wheel Touring Ride Guide 'Shooting The Centre'. they hit Australia armed with things to do, see, and where to stay on the road from Darwin to Adelaide then around the coast up to Sydney. They evidently loved the suggestions as Peter has been raving about it on his own blog.

Unfortunately for me I hit Tumbarumba on a Sunday night and most eating places were closed. I had dinner in one of the local pubs last night which was as local pub fare often is... thank goodness they had wine, had a fantastic breakfast at 4 Bears cafe (see photo) which could've been called 4000 Bears Cafe. Go to service was great and so was the Coffee.

Fortified, well rested and ready to go I'm off to Tumut to meet Wheezy Rider.
I'll load some more pics of interesting little Tumbarumba when I get back to Bowral.

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